Frequently Asked Questions

cropped-couple-405746_19203.jpgWhat is counselling?

In counselling, individuals, couples or family groups have sessions where they think through an issue or work through a problem. The counsellor is trained to help people understand themselves better, relate better to others, work things out for themselves and make decisions about what to do next. Your counsellor will help you talk openly and honestly.

Do Relate counsellors have special training?

Relate Counsellors are very carefully selected and undertake a very thorough and lengthy training course through our national federation. Our counsellors work to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Code of Ethics.

What will happen when I come for counselling?

At your first session a counsellor will talk with you for up to an hour. Some people find this session is all they need to clear their thinking and help them decide what to do and no further counselling is necessary.

Do we have to pay for Relate services?

Please see our Appointment Charges page for more information.

What is your success rate?

We know from research that most clients who complete counselling with Relate feel that they have benefited from it. Relate does not aim to keep people together at all costs – we help people to achieve the solution that is right for them.