Whether you’re in a relationship or single, married or cohabiting, gay or straight, Relate Mid Yorkshire can help if you need to talk about how you’re getting on with your family, your children, your parents or your partner. We offer relationship counselling for couples, individuals, family groups, children or young people, providing support at any stage of life.

We also offer a specialist sex therapy service for single people and couples who are having problems with the physically intimate aspects of their relationships..

We have counselling centres in Leeds, York and Harrogate, and appointments are available Monday to Saturday, day time and evening.  We offer face to face counselling for all our services and also via Webcam for certain services.  Our counsellors are highly qualified and experienced and available to help you have better and more fulfilling relationships with others.

For appointments in Harrogate or York
call 01904 625971
or email enquiries@relatemid-yorkshire.org.uk

For appointments in  Leeds
call 01302 347444
or email info@relatemid-yorkshire.org.uk

Update: Free Counselling available!

If you or someone you look after has been ill for a long time and you live in North Leeds, we can offer 6 free sessions of  Webcam counselling.  For more information, click here


“I had a fantastic counsellor – she understood and supported the issues that I came to her with, with such sensitivity and expertise, and enabled me to understand and address some incredibly deep-rooted feelings and insecurities in ways I would not have been able to do without her help.  Thank you!”

Client November 2017

“Please thank my counsellor.  She has been an amazing support to me throughout this time and I would never have gained the insights that she enabled me to see.  I will cherish our conversations and will build on them going forward”.

Client September 2017